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The project timeline is a ‘living document’ that helps us evaluate where we are, where we want to be and what we need to do to fulfil our objectives. The timeline gives some idea of the scale of the project demonstrating why we require volunteers and support from many people and groups coordinated by a project manager.

The timeline will be updated on a regular basis, towards the end of the project it will provide us with an accurate record of our journey which may help other groups considering a similar project.

The journey so Far (August 2011)

2nd August 2010 – Plymouth Pride Forum submit the pre application form to the Heritage Lottery Fund outlining their proposed project.  This form passes initial consideration and member of the committee are invited to attend a work shop

Sept 2010 – Jan 2011 – Contact is made with Plymouth City Council, University of Plymouth and the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery who all provide letters of support, in conjunction with Plymouth and West Devon Records Office along with members of the community, to form part of the bid.

20th January 2011 – The completed bid is submitted to the Heritage Lottery fund

28th February 2011 – Plymouth Pride Forum held an informal meeting to update members about progress with the Lottery Heritage Fund bid

2nd March 2011 – Confirmation from the Heritage Lottery Fund that the bid had been successful the formal letter giving permission to officially start the project was received on 11th March.
Mark Ayres from Pride in Plymouth volunteered his services to build and host the project website which was up with the core framework in place in days.

25th March 2011 – The first PPF researcher went into the archive to begin sifting through the city’s history in search of its LGBT background.  That evening, forum members met at the B Bar for the project pre launch. This coincided with the Barbican Theatre production ‘Tomboy Blues’.

Alan Butler, the Forum Secretary, along with other members of the committee, has been busy in the background networking building contacts and support for the project such as meeting with Age Concern’s The Rainbow Experience group.

April 10th 2011 – Pride in Plymouth launched eNews which features key updates about the project along with news and events from both on and off the scene.

April 18th 2011– the project was featured on the popular 247 lifestyle and music magazine website.

24th May 2011 – Appointment by the University of Plymouth’s department of Humanities, Music and Performing Arts of a PhD student to undertake the “Performing LGBT Pride in Plymouth 1950 – 2000” study as part of the overarching Pride in Our Past project.

18th June 2011 – Volunteers embark on the Discovery Bus Tour around Plymouth to gain a sense of the city’s history.

20th June 2011Joint press release issued from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Plymouth Pride Forum to spread the word regarding the project.

25th June 2011 – Volunteers visit the Plymouth and West Devon Records Office for an induction into the collection and collation of Oral Histories.

July 1st 2011 – The official Pride in Our Past Launch event takes place at the Barbican Theatre implementing a 1930s style theme and is well attended by the Mayor, Alison Seabeck MP plus a mix of agencies, LGBT businesses and the community.

July 16th 2011 – Pride in Our Past project featured by local historian Chris Robison in his popular feature in the Herald newspaper.

July 18th 2011 – Advertisement for coordinator role goes live via the University of Plymouth’s website.

22nd July 2011 – As a continuation of the 1930s theme for July, the Pride in our Past volunteers team up with Hawkins Meeting House and Pride in Plymouth for “Karaoke with a Twister” – a sing along with the Wizard of Oz event.

23rd July 2011 – Pride in Our Past attend the Archives from the Attic event at the Plymouth Guildhall which involves talks on family and local history, information stands from local heritage organisations and displays of documents and images from the Record Office’s collections.

30th July 2011 – The Pride in Our Past LGBT History banner was on display at Pride Torbay, where volunteers handed out postcards and shared information with pride revellers and supporters.

3rd August 2011– Shortlisting for the coordinators role

17th August 2011 – Interviews for the coordinators role and subsequent appointment of the role.

The Journey Ahead

Ongoing – Monthly themed events and leaflets/postcards to focus attention on decades within living memory and following on from the 30s style launch event in July:

  • Aug – 1940s
  • Sept – 1950s
  • Oct – 1960s
  • Nov – 1970s
  • Dec – 1980s
  • Jan – 1990s
  • Feb – 2000s

March – Present day leading into April’s exhibition.

Ongoing – Continuing the research into the Plymouth Archives.

Ongoing – Continue to build the working parties with ongoing workshops for exchange of ideas between volunteers and the new coordinator.

August 2011 – Launch photography competition in conjunction with professionally run workshops for entrants.

August 2011 – Launch Jo Monk creative writing competition as a tribute to one of the most long-standing members of the forum.

August 2011 – Seek commercial sponsorship of competitions so we can offer more prizes – one of the ways we can engage local business in the project.

August to December 2011 – Formal interviews to take place with members of the LGBT community who are willing to share their stories.

July to August 2011 – Attend UK prides to promote the project and connect with other groups and organisations.

September/October 2011 – Planning for the exhibition including exhibition workshops.  Artwork and text to be sent to the museum for inclusion in their winter/spring program and brochure.

February 2012 LGBT History Month – Increase publicity of the exhibition

Feb/March 2012 – Develop the framework to support the ‘permanent’ online and physical archive (In partnership with PWDRO).

Feb/March 2012 – Creation of the permanent on-line archive (to be launched as part of the exhibition)
Plan and publicise exhibition launch

April 28th to 30th June 2012 EXHIBITION

Real time publicity and promotion during the exhibition

Leafleting – volunteers
Publish visitor feedback and comments – web
Press interviews – Coordinator

Post Exhibition

Wash-up workshops
Plan future activities to sustain the archive.

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