Looking ahead to LGBT History Month 2013 in Plymouth

Over the last several weeks, a great deal of cataloging work has been taking place with the Plymouth LGBT Archive since it was deposited at the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office. The physical collection can now been searched – either in person or online at http://www.plymouth.gov.uk/archivescatalogue – where it is held under the collection […]

In Other Words

The ‘In Other Words’ Bookshop was opened on Mutley Plain in 1982 by Prudence de Villiers and her partner Gay Jones. The shop broke new ground in Plymouth as it became a focal point for Plymouth’s few but determined radical activists. The shop sold a wide range of literature that was generally unavailable in most bookshops at the […]

Proud to Serve

sailor in uniform

In 1999 the European Court of Human Rights overturned the ban of lesbians and gays serving in the armed forces. The European judges declared unanimously that such a bar on entry into the army, navy and air force was illegal under the European Convention on Human Rights, which safeguards an individual’s right to privacy. Prior to this the Ministry […]

Murder in the Park

Photo - Police removing the body of Terry Sweet.

The LGBT community has always been subjected to hate crime. In1990 the direct action group OutRage’ was set up by Peter Tatchell after the actor, Michael Boothe was murdered in West London. In Plymouth just after midnight on Tuesday 7 November 1995 the bodies of two men were found lying 200 yards apart in Central Park. One of the men Terry […]

Everyone’s Business – LGBT Rights

A selection of images - changing times -everyone's business

Nowadays, the fact that people are LGBT seems to have shifted from something that is often swept under the carpet to something that everyone has to take a position on. Organisations across all sectors have responded to evolving LGBT equality legislation by changing their policies and procedures. Those who have embraced these new laws have achieved positive outcomes in the […]

In Other Words Book Shop Plymouth

In Other Words Book Shop Plymouth, a photo by Pride in Our Past on Flickr. In Other Words Bookshop which opened on Mutley Plain in 1982 by Prudence de Villiers and her partner Gay Jones, broke new ground in Plymouth when it opened by selling a wide range of literature including anti-war, environmental and gay […]

ALLFELLAS Flyer 1990’s

ALLFELLAS Flyer 1990’s, a photo by Pride in Our Past on Flickr. Via Flickr: Allfellas was a Plymouth gay social group that met and organised events through the early 1990’s. This is a scan of one of their flyers. Related Links: Allfellas newsletter summer 1994 Allfellas newsletter Autumn 1995 Allfellas Poster 1990’s

ALLFELLAS Gay Social Group Newsletter Autumn 1995

Click to view the Allfellas newsletter

The Allfellas newsletter published in the Autumn of 1995 this manually typed and formatted newsletter was photocopied on A3 paper and tri folded to make a tall narrow booklet. On the front cover there is a tribute to Terry Sweet a founder member of the Allfellas group who was brutally murdered in Central  Park (7th […]

ALLFELLAS Gay Social Group Newsletter Summer 1994

ALLFELLAS news letters and artwork 1990's

The ALLFELLAS Gay Social Group newsletter published in the summer of 1994 (ten years before facebook was launched). The scan and photos do not do justice to the amount of work and creativity that went into producing this news letter, the content was typed and many of the illustrations drawn by hand. The newsletter was […]

ALLFELLAS – Gay Social Group Poster 1990’s

ALLFELLAS was a gay social group that met on Wednesdays and organised various social events for gay men in Plymouth through the early 1990’s. This is a hand crafted poster promoting the group. Related links: Allfellas newsletter summer 1994 Allfellas newsletter Autumn 1995

LGBT History and Pride Timeline 1942 – 2007

This time line compiled by Mark Ayres was first displayed at Plymouth Pride Event 2007. The content of this publication has been collected from various public sources and may require verification.

Stigma creates fear of reporting attacks (1995)

First Published: Thursday, 9 November 1995 Source: The Independent Copyright: Link to full article Jason Bennetto reports on Plymouth’s insular gay community in Plymouth It is said that you can get all of Plymouth’s gay activists into two taxis. As in most of Britain’s provincial cities few homosexuals are willing to stand up and be […]