‘My Life, Being Positive to HIV’ talk at the British Red Cross Centre on July 9th


On Wed July 9th, Kevin Kelland will be giving a talk from 6.30 to 7.00pm at the British Red Cross Centre, Crownhill, Plymouth.

Kevin is a trustee and long-time supporter of the Plymouth LGBT Archive, in addition to being a much valued volunteer for Pride in Plymouth and the Red Cross, since 2010, where he provides care and support in the community. This includes assisting with hospital appointments, shopping and befriending.

Kevin is aware that being HIV positive gives you empathy, understanding and sympathy for others living with cancer, dementia, loneliness and other similar situations.



Kevin’s talk is titled My Life, Being Positive to HIV where he will talk about his experience of living with HIV and the historical context of what it was like, during the 1980s, to live in a time of personal loss and grief against the backdrop of a media hysteria.

The story begins with the BBC Horizon story of GRID in San Francisco and in New York 1981 and deals with subsequent media scare stories around Rock Hudson which served to whip up fear and homophobia.

He provides a history of HIV in Devon while sharing stories of devastation and coping, denial, support groups and how it feels to become an AIDS buddy while losing people you love.

The talk is open to all and we hope you can join us there.

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