LGBT History and Archives Conference 2013

Next on the Horizon for the Plymouth LGBT Archive is the 11th LGBT History and Archives Conference taking place at the London Metropolitan Archives on Saturday 7th December 2013.

The theme for this year is ‘Unspeakable‘ that surrounds the idea that much of LGBT History has been shaped around legal and political landmarks relating mainly to the experiences of gay men and so other queer voices often go unheard. The conference seeks to explore the histories and experiences of Trans, Lesbian and Bisexual people and other stories which are rarely told and often not listened to.

As part of the day, Alan Butler is excited to be giving a presentation called “Archiving the Ephemeral Pridewhich centres around Plymouth being an unlikely place for this type of listening due to the traditional desire of Plymouth’s LGBT communities’ to stay underground. The talk will focus on the oral history interview as a means to capture those experiences and include them in the more conventional archives of the city.

During this presentation, he will also be mentioning the Eddystone Trust’s current ArcHIVe Project.  Following on from their participation in Pride in Our Past project and their twenty-fifth birthday, Eddystone realised how important it was to gathering stories from HIV positive people, their families, partners, friends in addition to past volunteers and staff who have supported people in the South West living with HIV. Again stories that may have been seen as “unspeakable” twenty five years ago. These will create an archive to help increase HIV awareness in the South West and so is particularly relevant with World AIDS Day approaching on 1st December.

Unspeakable Poster

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