Plymouth LGBT Archive Newsletter Number 2 – Recollections of People and Places – LGBTHM2013

Our second newsletter features recollections of people and places for LGBT History Month 2013.

There are many things to reflect on during LGBT history month. We have a considerable amount to celebrate and yet so much more to achieve; especially when you look around the world.

“Remember to spend time this month to think about those people who have and continue to help us grow. We never stop coming out, confidence and pride are always needed. Through reflection we learn and through sharing these stories we can become strong together.”  Paul Cooke

Ted reminisces about The Mambo 

A cafe that was known in every port in the world, even at Navy Days – getting me an invite onto a submarine because I knew Reg – I declined and still have the photo but I do wonder why I didn’t put my trust in the sailor!

Kevin has fond memories of The Lockyer both Ted and Kevin’s recorded recollection’s of The Lockyer  can be heard here

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