Looking ahead to LGBT History Month 2013 in Plymouth

Over the last several weeks, a great deal of cataloging work has been taking place with the Plymouth LGBT Archive since it was deposited at the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office.

The physical collection can now been searched – either in person or online at www.plymouth.gov.uk/archivescatalogue – where it is held under the collection number 3901.

LGBT History Month Logo 2013

In addition to this, throughout February’s LGBT history month, we will be presenting, on this site, a number of highlights from the Oral History interviews.  These have been selected and collected around certain themes which particularly relate to the LGBT history of the city and lead up to Peter Tatchell’s visit and talk “Queer Britain:The struggle for LGBT human rights 1958 to 2012” which is taking place on the 6th March.

To book your place visit: http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/pages/view.asp?page=39692


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