Pride in Our Past Exhibition 2012

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Pride in Our Past Exhibition 2012, a gallery on Flickr.

Via Flickr:Photos from Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery
The successful Pride in Our Past Exhibition was on show for nine weeks at the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery between 28th April and 30th June 2012. The exhibition was created by the work of many volunteers from a cross section of the LGBT community in Plymouth.

Over 100 guest attended the private view held on May 4th 2012.

It is evident from a number of sources that the exhibition was well attended by members of the LGBT Community, members of the public and representatives of key agencies in the city.

“The exhibition gallery had a real buzz! It was fantastic there were pre-schoolers reading books with parents and grandparents, primary school children who just loved the pictures and oral histories on the IPADs, secondary school students who were fascinated with the Out Youth Group art work and older visitors who studied the panels and exhibition cases in detail”

The Pride in Our Past Project has in many ways acted as a catalyst for re-energising the LGBT community in Plymouth, with many more local members of the LGBT community engaging with each other and with various agencies.


  1. […] Oral history projects aimed at uncovering the usually silenced stories and voices of local people who identify as LGBTQ, like Queer is Here at the Museum of London (2006) and the recent Pride in Our Past at Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery (2012). […]

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