Inspired Youth 2012

Pride in Our Past inspired members of Out Youth to create this work that was on show at the Pride in Our Past exhibition 2012

Out Youth is a youth group for young people aged 11 – 25 in Plymouth who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered/transsexual (LGBT). The group has existed in Plymouth for over ten years with the support of the LGBT community volunteers and youth workers. It provides one to one support and a weekly youth group that offers activities, support and advice for young people who are LGBT.

The group also provides safe space for young people to develop their skill, confidence, peer support and achieve their aspirations. It also supports young people who are questioning their gender and/or their sexuality.

The young people who access the group have applied for funding, taken part in consultation and delivered sessions on the affects of Homophobic Bullying in schools. It organised two very successful Fashion Shows in aid of creating awareness and raising money for HIV & AIDS.

The group have enjoyed being part of of the Pride in Our Past project. The youth group is supported by Plymouth City Council Youth Service who have worked in partnership with the Police, the Eddystone Trust and CAMHS to support young LGBT people.

View more photos of the Out Youth work on our Flicker Photostream:

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