21st Century Pride

Plymouth Pride March outside the Civic Centre 2009.

Since 2000, Plymouth’s LGBT community has become more visible and established itself more publically in the city. A wide range of activities and events, including candlelight vigils, protests and celebrations have helped to do this – drawing more attention to the diversity that has always existed here in Plymouth.

“The Pride is a place to go and source information on different, gay community projects, for some people it’s the right to go and protest for their rights. Other people it’s an excuse to have a party to celebrate your sexuality.”

“The whole idea of the Plymouth Pride Event it was about the community.”

“We had a flag which was as, I’m trying to think now 3.5 metres wide by 50 metres long so that’s about, I’m trying to think now, 150 feet long, which went from the big screen in the Plaza and it practically went the full length.”

“The rights we’ve got now can always be taken away from us so we’ve got to as Peter Tatchell always said you’ve got to ‘keep your eyes on the ball’ cos there were a lot of rights in Germany in the 1930s.”

The winning photograph in the Pride in Our Past competition – Peter Tatchell Plymouth Pride 2009

This is the winning entry of the Pride in Our Past photography competition. A photo taken by photographer Kevin Kelland showing Peter Tatchell leading the Pride Flag across Royal Parade, Plymouth for the cities Pride Event 2009. Peter is proudly displaying an ‘OutRage’ placard calling for the end of the ban on Gay Marriage. This photo along with runners up was displayed as part of the Pride in Our Past exhibition 2012.

Peter Tatchell says:

“Pride in our Past is a great project. I wish you on-going success.”

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