In His True Element

Mark Weston, 1936 Western Morning News

In May 1936, the Western Morning news reported the story of Mark Weston, a thirty year old Oreston resident who, having always been raised as a woman, was now “in his true element” after two operations to correct his gender to male.
In the words of Mr. L. R. Broster, the Harley Street surgeon who treated him:

“Mark Weston, who has always been brought up as a female, is male and should continue to live as such.”

As a female, Mary Weston had been a British athletic champion and Mr. Weston offered to forfeit those achievements. Then, in August 1936, the paper reported again on Mr. Weston – this time with Miss Alberta Bray. The report told of how the two had been childhood friends as girls and how they had now become man and wife.

As a woman athlete – Mary Weston, winning the javelin throwing at a British Women’s Athletic Association meeting at Stamford Bridge in 1929. Western Morning News

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