Pride in Our Past Exhibition Exciting News

The narrative for the exhibition has been finalised and work has started on building the panels and exhibit pieces. Throughout the exhibition there will be listening post to hear snippets of oral histories relevant to the theme.

In addition to the local histories, memories and memorabilia collected  we can announce that there will be some prize pieces on display.

By means of introduction we start the journey in Roman times ‘Before the Labels‘ to support this Plymouth City Museum have arranged for the Warren Cup to be loaned to us from the British Museum in London.

Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen (2011)

The Warren Cup is a priceless silver cup with relief decoration of homoerotic scenes, this object takes its name from its first owner in modern times, the art-lover and collector Edward Perry Warren (1860-1928).

Representations of sexual acts are widely found in Roman art, on glass and pottery vessels, terracotta lamps and wall-paintings in both public and private buildings. They were thus commonly seen by both sexes, and all sections of society.

What a coup for us and the city of Plymouth, if that isn’t exciting enough there will also be an original portrait by Plymouth Artist Robert Lenkiewicz that has never been publicly exhibited before.

Not to disappoint Beryl Cook fans, her painting of guests at the Lockyers Tavern, which is owned by Plymouth City Council, will also be on display.

The exhibition will include a recreation of one of Plymouth’s past famous gay venues providing a space to sit, relax and listen to longer excerpts from the recoded oral histories.

You will have to visit the exhibition to see what Lenkiewicz has been loaned to us and which venue we have chosen to recreate.

The Pride in Our Past Exhibition opens at the Plymouth City Museum on the 28th April and runs for nine weeks until 30th June 2012. Admission is FREE

Visit the Pride in Our Past exhibition page on the Project website for more details.

For more information about the Warren Cup visit the British Museum Website:


  1. Pride in Our Past says:

    Thank you Malcolm,
    It is indeed quite impressive that we will have the Warren Cup as part of our exhibition. We are of course Plymouth centric and not directly involved with Cornwall Pride or Intercom Trust so can’t comment on the issues you raise.

    Our experience here in Plymouth has been very positive we are working with many enthusiastic people, and have the support of local councillors and Alison Seabeck (MP Plymouth Moor View).

  2. I am seriously impressed that the Warren Cup is coming into the southwest given the homophobia by authorities towards depiction of the male nude in art. My own male sculpture creations, see here:- All my sculptures were banned by Cornwall Gay Pride in 2011 & I was interrogated by the homophobic Devon & Cornwall police about them. This followed an attack by the Intercom Trust on the art of Cornish artist Henry Scott Tuke RA. So well done Plymouth in bringing some gay art & culture to the backwater of institutional Homophobia which is the SouthWest!

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