Susanne Bösche Author – Jenny Lives with Eric and Martin

Danish author Susanne Bösche with Prudence de Villiers at In Other Words bookshop in Plymouth.

Jenny Lives with Eric and Martin book coverSusanne Bösche wrote ‘Jenny Lives with Eric and Marin’ which was published in Danish in 1981 and in English in 1983. It was perhaps the first English-language children’s book to discuss homosexuality.
In 1983 the Daily Mail, reported that a copy of a book entitled Jenny lives with Eric and Martin – portraying a little girl who lives with her father and his homosexual partner was provided in a school library run by the Labour-controlled Inner London Education Authority.

The attention to this, and work within the political parties by activists, led to the adoption at the Labour Party Annual Conference in 1985 of a resolution calling for the end of all legal discrimination against homosexuals.

As a consequence of this, many Conservative backbench MPs became concerned that left-wing councils were indoctrinating young children with what they considered to be homosexual propaganda.
In 1986 Lord Halsbury first tabled a Private Member’s Bill in the House of Lords entitled An act to refrain local authorities from promoting homosexuality.

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