Cliff Road Plymouth – Site of Mr Harry’s

Via Flickr:
This is the site of the infamous Mr. Harry’s night club on Cliff Road, West Hoe, Plymouth.

Mr Harry’s club was a far more openly gay nightclub than the city had seen before and provided a safe space, particularly for groups of women only groups – both gay or straight.  “Harry looked after us,” said one woman and Mr Harry himself was a bold larger than life character.  The club became a place mostly concerned with fun of all kinds.  “It could become quite raunchy later in the night” said one former reveler, “But you always felt at home there.”

If you have any recollections of nights at Mr. Harry’s or have any photographs we would love to hear from you.


  1. Des Murphy says:

    Hi there, I can remember many a night at Mr Harrys having come across it when I was a junior chef at the Duke of Cornwall just up the road ,this would have been in the early 70s as I remember my 21st birthday around that time, I used to do some bar work at the hotel and can remember going round to the club in my dinner suit and soon I got in with Harry and started work behind the bar working with Rita amongst others, her fella Yorkie was in charge of the door and Nigel was Harrys right hand man, the pattern of the nights in the club were totally different with Friday and especially Saturday were full of “let’s go to the gay club” punters as well as the normal gay crowd ,but on such nights it was possible to filter out the guys who were there for one reason only(need I put it in print),it was a very lively place at times but it could also be a very quiet ,intimate place, depending on the clientele and day of the week,on occasion all it was was a place to get a drink until God knows what time of the morning,at the time I didn’t have a regular boyfriend so it wasn’t
    difficult to filter out the guys who were available and that was easy to do come the end of the night and as this was when being very promiscuous wasn’t that bad(and I was) so in the end I used to trawl home with all manner of men.I often look back on my years in Plymouth with great affection and Harrys was certainly a great part of my life way back then and when certain people found out I was working there this led to me being ‘outed’ at work which also led to other adventures.I am now 65 and have had one or two careers in my life but certainly will never forget Mr Harrys

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