ALLFELLAS Gay Social Group Newsletter Summer 1994

The ALLFELLAS Gay Social Group newsletter published in the summer of 1994 (ten years before facebook was launched).

The scan and photos do not do justice to the amount of work and creativity that went into producing this news letter, the content was typed and many of the illustrations drawn by hand. The newsletter was published on A3 paper and tri folded to make a tall narrow booklet as shown in this photo.

ALLFELLAS news letters and artwork 1990's

ALLFELLAS Newsletters and original artwork 1990's

A Scan of the 1994 ALLFELLAS Summer Newsletter

Summary of Content:


ALLFELLAS is in its 2nd year, and numbers are growing with about 20 different fellas attending each meeting, guys were able to drop in when and as they wish.

Detailed Report on Gay Pride ’94

I can recommend the Gay Pride March to everybody – I am so glad I was there to celebrate the 25th Anniversary celebrations. I will most certainly go again next year – but next time I will stay for a week – there is so much to see you really need to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy it all.

Mount Edgecumbe

A delightful report on a walk organised by Allfellas from Mount Edgecumbe to Whitsands that took place on 22nd May 1994.

The Gun Crew

Members of Allfellas attended the first of the field gun crews training session in preparation for their appearance at Earls Court which took place on 19th July 1994.

Farewell Bob

Allfellas bade farewell to bob who had completed a two year course at Plymouth University and returned to Hull.

Ibiza Experience

A review of the gay holiday resort by Andy and Andy.

Promoted on the back cover:

South Devon & Cornwall Gay Nudist Group

Plymouth AIDS Support Group

Eddystone Group

In Other Words bookshop

QUEST – Gay Catholic Group

The Swallow – Gay Pub

A full transcript of this document has yet to be created – contact us if you would like to volunteer to type up this document or part of the document.

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