Make Some Noise World AIDS Day 2011

Many of the Pride in Our Past volunteers will be joining with Plymouth Pride Forum for the World AIDS Day event happening in Plymouth on Thursday, 1st, December, 2011.

People are asked to meet at the steps of the Roland Levinsky building (University of Plymouth) at 6.45pm. Wear something red and join the formation of the ‘red ribbon’ on the steps with a minutes silence at 7pm.

There will then be a procession through the city centre to the Civic Centre with candles and lanterns to raise awareness amongst the late night shoppers.

Animal skin drum with Red Ribbon

Make Some Noise World AIDS Day 2011

At the civic centre there will be a minutes NOISE and we hope to have some native American drums to beat.

Listen to the wind…It talks…
Listen to the silence…For it speaks…
Listen with your heart…
And you will learn and understand

  • The drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth
  • the heartbeat of life and our people,
  • we live the first nine months of our life in the womb of our mother listening to her heartbeat which sets the pattern of our existence;
  • we play these drum in ceremonies to bring in the spirit of Mother Earth
  • The drumstick which is used to beat the drum is called many things, some people say it is the Thunderbird coming others call it the arm of the Creator who is breathing life into the ceremonies.

There will be some home made soup and rolls for participants at the end.

For more information about World AIDS Day visit:

For more information about the native American drums visit the Dancing to Eagle Spirit Society:

Also watch this great Video:

CTV’s First Story takes a snap shot of the two spirited world and speak with actor and playwright Waawaate Fobister about his new award-winning play called Agokwe.

Then we see what it takes to change genders and we meet two very different men living positively with HIV.

Watch the Video


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