Pride in Our Past News – Loads Going On to Create an Exhibition to be PROUD OF

Pride in Our Past putting together an Exhibition to be Proud ofPride in Our Past – Exhibition

We have attended a series of meetings with staff from the City Museum and Art Gallery where we have started to block the exhibition on paper.  This initial draft of how the exhibition may be laid out will give the exhibition working group a lot to consider over the next few weeks.

By the end of January 2012 we should be in good position to provide the museum with a fairly firm outline of the exhibition that will open on 28th April 2012 and will run for nine weeks up to 30th June 2012.

Pride in Our Past – Archive

We are very pleased that we have been able to collect far more oral histories then we first estimated in 2010 as part of the bid for Heritage Lottery Funding. We would not have been able to achieve this without the support of our dedicated volunteers.  While not all the recorded histories will necessarily be featured in the 2012 exhibition, each and everyone will become a very valuable resource in Plymouth LGBT archive for future generations and we will continue collecting oral and written histories long after the 2012 exhibition.

Members of the Plymouth Age Concern ‘Rainbow Experience’ attended the first of three creative writing workshops that have been arranged by Pride in Our Past in conjunction with the University of Plymouth. We hope that the skills learnt through the workshops will enable these people to confidently share their valuable experiences with us. Particular thanks to  Michael Moore who has kindly donated his time to facilitating these workshops.

Pride in Our Past EventsPride in our Past Events - networking opportunities

In early 2012 we will be in position to publish a program of events that will support the nine week exhibition.  This is a perfect opportunity for local business to support the Pride in Our Past Project by sponsoring the events program.

Events that we are considering include:

  • Workshops – around the exhibition
  • Guest Speakers – MPs, Councillors, activist and other interesting people from the Equality / Diversity arena.
  • Book Launch(s) and readings
  • Film – As part of the Pride in Our Past project we are researching the South West Film and TV archive and hope to show some exclusive footage.
  • Rehearsed Readings – New plays, our recorded histories, biographies

It is likely (subject to funding) that we will host some further events after the main exhibition that will include material we couldn’t fit in the exhibition, and new material.

If you would like to sponsor the events program please contact us for more details.

Our presence on Facebook is proving invaluable as we interact with over 200 facebookers – Find us on Facebook:

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