Pride in Our Past “Walk Like a Man” Workshop with Joseph Mercier

Joseph Mercier’s arrival in Plymouth, for a performance of his Cruising Clubbing F**king show at the Barbican Theatre, was marked with a special workshop at the Barbican Theatre’s studio last night.  Nine men and one intrepid lady explored the ways in which men have met and seduced each other through the years.

Pride in Our Past - Theatre Workshop

The exercises opened up a number of interesting conversations between the participants and made everyone think about the ways we attempt to signify our intentions to each other.

The Performance on Friday 11th November, 2011 was well attended as was the post show talk which provided some lively debate. We thank the Barbican Theatre for bringing this show to Plymouth, and look forward to continuing to work with the team to include other LGBT interest performance that can complement and enhance the Pride in Our Past Project in 2012 and beyond.

Check out what’s on at the Barbican Theatre – go along and support your local independent theatre.

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