Project Update 16th October 2011

News Roll Clip ArtHelen our project coordinator has had a busy week meeting most of the volunteers working on setting the record straight in Plymouth. Helen will catch up with those she missed over the next week or so. This has provided Helen with a good insight into the work done so far and will enable her to start piecing together these ‘micro projects’ into the bigger picture.

Helen has also met with Sue Lancaster the City Librarian to discuss LGBT stock, books, reading and creative writing groups. They also discussed availability of books that may be included in the exhibition.

The museum and exhibition working group have had their first proper meeting to start planning the exhibition which will be held in the City Museum and Art Gallery between 28th April and June 30th 2012.

The Oral History group have completed their training in recording oral histories and the first interviews have already taken place, there are many more scheduled to take place over the coming weeks.

To fulfil the projects requirement to provide intergenerational learning, Alan and Helen has met with the leaders of Out Youth this will be progressed when we meet with the group in November.

Ongoing research into the cities archives is continuing to produce some fascinating material such as the activities undertaken by suffragettes in Plymouth including the arrest of Emily Pankhurst.

The combined research and input from our working groups is being feed into our on-line archive at: however much of this work is in progress, and therefore not published at this time.

We will soon be distributing posters and flyers designed by Students from Plymouth College of Art that are working with us on the Pride in Our Past Project – helping us set the record straight in Plymouth.

Oh and lastly we are very excited to have our own presence on Facebook. Within a week we gained over 80 friends which will allow us to interact with the Facebook community whilst keeping an eye out for interesting events and news.
Find us on Facebook:

Our news feed continues to be shared on the PPF Facebook Page via its own tab

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