Pride in Our Past Meets members of the Rainbow Experience in Plymouth

We were invited along to another meeting with Age Concern’s LGBT group, The Rainbow Experience, today at their new venue of Hawkins Meeting House.  This gave us the opportunity to discuss the project with people who are in a position to make a real contribution and they certainly intend to do just that.  A creative workshop is being planned to enable the group to write their own biographies for inclusion and, in addition to this, some of the members agreed to be interviewed by our Oral History researchers.  As one lady told us,

“It’s a chance to finally tell my story to people who’ll listen . . . while I still can”

It’s a real privilege for us to hear and record that story for future generations.
The group will be meeting in Hawkins on the first Tuesday of each month and are also planning a more social, evening gathering on the third Wednesday of each month.

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