Cinema Advert – Plymout’s Leading Nightspots 1970’s

This video has provided some interesting material and discussion on Facebook. It is a local cinema advert promoting the:

  • The Birdcage, Union Street
  • The Cascade, Lockyer Street
  • The Commodore, Cornwall Street

The night club favoured by Opportune’s crew was the Commodore Club in Cornwall Street. The Commodore was run by a flamboyant gay called Tommy who looked not unlike Danny le Rue without his frock. Tommy, and his huge, equally gay, but not to be trifled with doorman Peter, were great fun. It was, certainly by today’s standards, a small club. Two rooms, one with a dance floor and disco (usually DJ’d by Ringo) and a quiet bar. Opportune’s crew were such good customers that some of us were allowed to use the back door without paying. I seemed to spend every night, bar those when I was on duty, in the Commodore, staying until kicked out at 02.30; I couldn’t do it nowadays. Being friendly with the management did have one downside, my parents came to Plymouth on holiday, to check that I hadn’t found the other kind of woman no doubt, and it took some explaining as to why an outrageously camp blonde bloke was yahooing me from across the road.

The Cascade Club became Oscars and then Zeros

If you have any photos or memories of these clubs, the characters such as Tommy and his Partner Peter please share them with us so we can continue to piece together these snippets in to a bigger picture.

Don’t forget if you do have pictures then enter them into our photography competition for a chance to win £250.

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