Each delve into Plymouth’s gay past brings a new insight

The old leather bound 1920’s court records are allowing us windows into an evocative & tragic past. We have uncovered the tale of two men, Francis & William, who are hauled before the local magistrate in early Aug. 1924 accused of committing an Act of Gross Indecency, they plead not guilty & the case is adjourned, once more they are hauled into court & again it’s adjourned but a week later Francis is found dead! The case against William is dismissed.We have also discovered 24 year old Henry who was brought to trial over Christmas 1925 for ‘importuning and soliciting men for immoral purposes’ and whose New Year brought with it six months hard labour!

past gay venues in Plymouth - Mambo Cafe, Mr Harry's, Paramount, Lockyer Tavern, Club 91We are also tapping into a great wealth of memories about the Mambo Cafe, Paramount Dance Hall, The Lockyer Tavern, Mr. Harry’s, Club 91 and other gay run or gay friendly venues that once existed in Plymouth.

If you have a story to tell then please Contact Us discretion assured.

In addition one of our volunteers is researching civil partnerships in Plymouth coming up with some interesting stats.

A selection of local history videos have been embedded into the website and can be viewed here: plymouth-in-video

Listen to the oral account of a Plymouth ‘bus conductress’ during WW2

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