Plymouth LGBT History Archive and Exhibition

Plymouth Pride Forum LogoPlymouth Pride Forum are very pleased to announce the Plymouth LGBT Archive Project and Exhibition.

The idea of the LGBT archive was born from the fact that much of Plymouth’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans history is stored in the memories of the older proportion of our membership. As these members grow older the fear is that this history may be lost if not captured now. All indications are that Plymouth has quite an extensive LGBT history but this has always been kept very much underground due to the city’s naval traditions.

Plymouth Pride Forum aims to investigate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history in Plymouth in collaboration with the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office and create an LGBT archive to access, frame and interpret Plymouth’s queer histories..

With the support and training from Plymouth and West Devon Record Office, the forum volunteers will be working primarily as oral historians and community archivists. They will interview members of the LGBT community about their experiences in and concerning Plymouth, as well as collecting photographs and other documents and memorabilia, recording recollections of older members of Plymouth Pride Forum who wish to share their memories of places, people and events. Questionnaires and referrals will be used to locate potential interviewees and help frame the project.

Early in April 2012, the LGBT archive will form the basis of an exhibition at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery project volunteers will be offered the opportunity to help curate the exhibition.

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